Fire Alarm Disrupts Midterm at SFU Burnaby

Tuesday, March 2, 2010 – It was an ordinary cloudy day at SFU Burnaby with students rushing to their classes after the glorious Olympic break ended.  A group of Communication students nervously filled the lecture hall in minutes as they settle down for their midterm.

Moments after the Professor and Teaching Assistants finished distributing the usual plethora of exam materials, a fire alarm started blaring, causing a widespread panic in the lecture hall.  Students were ordered to leave the building immediately and stay outdoors until the situation has been resolved.  The fire alarm stopped ringing about 30 minutes later and students filled the lecture hall once again, only to receive the news that no questions have been omitted despite the loss of time.  Many students have not had the chance to even answer the first question.

The fire alarm rang once again approximately 20 minutes after students have been reseated.  This time, students were asked to stay in their seats.  With the alarm still blaring in the background, students strive to write their short essays even with the distracting sound of the alarm.  The Professor ordered another evacuation, this time with remarks that exam will be cancelled.  Just when students were about to leave the hall, the fire alarm stopped.  Once again, the exam continued.

Another fire alarm rang during the exam, this time only for a short moment.  No more interruptions occurred after the third alarm.  Students were quite disappointed with no reduction in questions and the disruption that was caused.  At the end of the day, most students finished the exam on time.  If the exam result turns out to be subpar, this incident might be to blame.


~ by vincentteng on March 3, 2010.

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