Part 3 – The Bias of Communication – StudioLab 1

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Text messaging was the second method of communication used in this lab activity.  Given the popularity of text messaging / SMS among the more sophisticated younger generation we assumed that text messaging would be the easiest and fastest method to send a given message.  For most part of the lab activity, texting proved to be a fast and efficient way of sending message; delivering messages in less than a minute.  Texting does not require a separate communication media to notify the receiver of an incoming message because the cell phone can notify its user when a new message arrives by means of visual, audible, or physical alert.  This method proved to be efficient as long as the user and or receiver knows how to operate their cellphone.  However, texting didn’t prove to the best method for Jason.  He wasn’t able to completely send the last message because he wasn’t up to speed in entering messages using the tiny keypad on his cellphone.  This activity shows that text messaging is an efficient method of communication due to its instantaneous nature.  Text messaging is considered a space-based media due to its temporary nature.

The next form of media used in our group is speaking. Posted on Kevin’s Blog.

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